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read about flatgames to understand what this is trying to be

what is it?

this is essentially a program for assembling a navigable collage of photos - take photos, cut them out, add them to your library, then build worlds with them. in play mode you can walk around the world

how do i use it?

see the screenshots on the right-hand side of this page
place music in your "Download" folder on the device, flatpack will look for songs there
export will create a unity3d webgl game in your "Download" folder on the device (it runs at (960 x 700 resolution btw)

but it doesn't work!!

please report all errors in the comments or @ragzouken on twitter thanks

coming soon (trello)

StatusIn development
Authormark wonnacott
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


flatpack.apk (android) 28 MB
Version 5 Feb 14, 2018
flatpack NPT build 27 MB

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export does not appear to work, unless i did something wrong (uploaded the zip created on export to itch, selected html file played in the browser)

i am on android and the person who tested the export for me is on windows

turns out the zip the app itself creates on export doesnt work BUT zipping the folder for the fltpack file myself did the trick.

last update: i uninstalled before the previous post and now, having reinstalled, can't access my game in the app. my own fault really. tried poking around to see if i could copy data to the current install but the default android file explorer doesn't really allow for that... ah well

i was so hyped to make a flatgame on mobile but alas...

got it working on the second try! i do wish there was a way to import images besides just taking a picture, tho