coming soonish

development has gone really well, here's the things i'd like to add soon to round this thing off:

  • i want to change the layer up/down buttons so that each press is guaranteed to make a visible change if possible, i.e bringing something forward will bring it in front of the first thing overlapping it, rather than just the next thing on top that doesn't overlap (and so the layer change doesn't matter)
  • i want to make the selection of objects clearer
  • i want to allow you to make animated objects - i imagine this as a separate screen where you can make a sequence of smaller assemblies of objects that will be animated like pages of a flipbook
  • i want to distribute an iOS build - it's a pain in the ass to test, and you literally can't distribute outside of the app store which costs a subscription fee, so i'm saving it until the app is p much complete (i have a friend who might be able to act as a publisher on their existing subscription)
  • i want to do a tutorial of some kind, integrated would be best but i might just screen record a video for now

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