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Using the picture of Q, from Star Trek was an excellent choice.  He reminds us of forces that "Out weight us" and present unseeingly uncontrollable challenages.


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While I totally agree with your points about capitalism, I feel we can't exactly go back. We can go forward in a more efficient direction with what we are currently doing, but I think everybody knows that tech companies aren't going to do that. 

The whole thing with releasing a new graphics card every two years, is just like releasing a phone every year. Its psychological Obsolescence, making you think that what you got right now isn't enough, because it isn't the shiny new thing. 

That in addition to not prioritizing durability and energy efficiency in design is the cause of our e waste crisis imo. 

We should probably stop with that immediately, and start developing some better less expendable hardware. Or else we might not have any Hardware soon.

So my standpoint is more like, Technology isn't the problem, Capitalism is.


If you'll excuse the shameless plug: this reminds me of something I wrote nearly four years ago: When 3D games took a wrong turn. It's good to know someone else thinks the same way. Thank you for making this!

Cute + true


Questions from the floor


Do we have time to take some questions?


all the time in the world, though i may not have any answers..


I was… transformative ai looks¹ a matter of compute. To slow compute, if framing tech corporations as persons pregnant with transformative ai helps frame the urgency to slow more’s law, do you feel comfortable talking a little about how a Planned Parenthood² model for tech cabineted by Jaron Lanier or whoever in the 70s, 90s or 10s may have worked? Oh your piece made me smile, thank you.

¹ biological anchors — https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/15ArhEPZSTYU8f012bs6ehPS6-xmhtBPP ² no-cost reproductive health care — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_Parenthood


Dang I felt this on multiple levels. Loved this episode of Star Trek, loved the memes, love the art composition on the pages and most of all loved this exploration.