recommend you use mp3 audio--support for different audio file types varies between browsers but mp3 seems to work almost everywhere

for per-room audio, you can use David Mowatt's bitsymuse hack, which I have built an interface for here:

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This doesn't work I set up everything correctly but no sound 

Can't get it to work :/ Looks fine and all but still no sound.

When I add sound with this hack, unload the Html, and start the game, all the graphics break, but there is no sound. The game is made with the help of colored bitsy. It was possible to add sound to another game made on a colored bitsy.
Do you know what the problem could be?


thankyou for, as always, the best of tools


Hi there, the tool for adding just one audio track works great, thank you! But I cannot get any per-room audio to play, having followed the process explained in the interface pretty closely...I thought. Any help I could get with this? 


hey, just to be clear are you using the tool at for multi-room audio?

for this there are two important things to check: 1. you need to select all the audio files at once through the "select files" picker 2. you should make sure the audio files are located beside the html file when you try to play (the "export zip" option will do this for you)

if this doesn't help i recommend joining the bitsy discord where there are more people that can help you work it out, but i don't mind continuing to try to work it out in these comments if that's better for you

good luck, let me know how it goes

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I've been trying the zip, or html, and all the options in dialogue builder (not sure what it does...) - and it's all still silent (and checking the html it doesn't seem to automatically input the file names)...


Thank you so much!! <3


Excellent tool. Thank you!


Omg this really saved meeee,, lemme know if you ever want my first born m8


thank you!




Well this sure simplifies the process.





A lot easier than doing it by hand.

Great job!