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you are my hero.

this whole series just has the right kind of ominous and captivating atmosphere, i enjoyed myself a lot exploring the castle from the end to it's new life!


This whole series was an incredibly lovely journey. I'm so glad it ended well: the first 4 parts made me feel an incredible melancholy that I loved, but this hopeful ending was just what I needed right now. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

I really liked that machine ambience you added to the music. It's a really clever way to add atmospheric sounds to a bitsy project and I feel like it fit the cozy, optimistic vibe perfectly.

god this was so good! i missed the ladder at first but after checking the comments i properly finished the game! its so wonderful and hopeful?? <3

God this series had captivated me ever since the first entry! I can't wait to see what happens next! I replay them when I get stressed or sad and its so easy to loose myself in these worlds. Thank you so much for sharing this series!


Lovely! Need to check: are there only the four characters and no end screen? The last bit of dialog reads as final, but I'm not sure if I messed up or am missing something

oh no! it ends with the festival... where did you end up? you should see: the cat, the fiddler, the navigator, the flagbearer, the architect, the lady, the gentleman, the custodian, and the cat again -- perhaps you missed the first ladder in the flagbearer screen?

I didn't notice the ladder! Found it now and finished the thing for real. It was really nice <3


the colors & dialog, soft & enigmatic.... . what a nice style


this is the best!!!


Loved it. I can also float in the skyyyyyyyyy (in the first scene) <3


It's beautiful! what an inspiration!!


Another gem, Mark.


This is so incredibly darling, and a wonderful conclusion to the series. GREAT JOB!!!!!! 😭✨✨✨