A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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this version of kooltool is discontinued. demo of new version (jan 2017)

work in progress

kooltool is simple tool for making cute scrappy games. kooltool lets you build tile-based worlds that you edit in a "what you see is what you get" manner. there is support for very simplistic (for now) scripting of the characters

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if you get any errors PLEASE let me know (email: ragzouken@gmail.com or twitter: @ragzouken)

the tutorial is incomplete atm due to laziness


RIGHT-CLICK (drag) - move around project
SCROLLWHEEL - zoom project
SPACE (hold) - show toolbox
F11 - fullscreen

MOVE [hold tab]
LEFT-CLICK (drag) - move character / notebox (hold shift before clicking to detach a notebox from its script)
DOUBLE-LEFT-CLICK - show/hide character script
LEFT-CLICK+X - delete character / notebox

LEFT-CLICK (drag) - draw
SHIFT - stencil or resizing draw
CTRL - draw on new copy
ALT - colour picker

LEFT-CLICK - place tiles
ALT - tile picker

LEFT-CLICK - toggle tile between wall/floor
CTRL - instanced edit

SHIFT+RETURN - add new line to note

scripting reference

source code

Install instructions

for linux use the .love which requires love2d 0.9.1 (or later)


kooltool - windows 9 MB
kooltool - mac osx 10 MB
kooltool - linux via love2d 7 MB