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evolve sounds by selecting interesting ones and recombining them. when you click confirm, new sounds will be generated from those you selected. some will be mutations, others are created by you using the slider to manually sweep between parent sounds.

you can always preserve a selected sound by choosing not to mix it with the other sound in the sweeper.

during manual crossover you may use the left and right keys to sweep, down to select, and up to play the currently swept sound.

use the .sfs/.wav buttons below each sound to save/export.

made by mark wonnacott (@ragzouken). based on as3sfxr, Interactive EC Control of Synthesized Timbre and Nord Modular G2 Patch Mutator. source code

Published Jul 21, 2013
Authormark wonnacott
Tagssound-design, tool
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
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