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Haven't played part v yet, but over all I'm getting a bit of a  Journey & tower of babel vibe which I'm absolutely loving 

interesting game here is my playthrough

Hey, I sampled one of your maps as the cover art for my itch project.

I gave you credit.

Just finished playing through this little series and I loved it. I can't quite put into words the feelings it stirred in me, but it certainly did stir them indeed. Job well done! <3

After playing this series and the DEATH ZONE game, I think I may have found my favorite Bitsy developer. This is great man. Followed.

The second time we meet here, by your game.

Your words and your works have some secret power, some connections.

Looking forward to more.

Watch Get Played | BitsyJam: Ocean from Tiger_J on

Sorry about the audio, My mic was not set correctly and it sounds muffled.

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Dang it really hit me when I started coming back up.  Your textures really match your voice and that's impressive. Great work <3

There is a mystery hidden in your game that makes it worthwhile to get it out of the shallows. I love it. <3 The overall graphic style, the lyrics, the dramaturgy of the approaching doom, the deeper you go into it... A fantastic piece of work that I happily recommended in an article on our blog. <3 Also I uploaded a quick playthrough video for anyone interested, hoping that more people will try it out for themselves. :) Congratulations for making such an atmospherical game!

Best wishes,

This chapter is so satisfying in its melancholy and its doom. I love watching the castle warp and decay throughout these games.

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gosh this is such a brilliant theme and follow-up! gave me chills!

god i love this castle tileset even more this time.

aaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!! the gHOSTS

bitch... you took me there

oh this is so pretty! i really like the music too! gah your games are always so good!!