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really cool


This is seriously cool for 3D platformers for some reason :P . So simple and effective

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Hey! Love your little engine, it's very fun to use. I made a short game:

If you do decide to do more with it, I'd love to hear about it!

For anyone using the engine, it took me some time to figure out these bugs:
1) Don't ever delete every sprite from the scene, sprite placement and dialogue will stop functioning properly.
2) Don't click on the X that marks the player spawn and then click "move" in the sprite editor.


thank you! i will continue the engine in some form but i'm not sure i like the fundamentals of this one as-is. thank you for the detail on the two sprite bugs, they should be fixed now


i made a little game with it, dialogue is shared between characters and characters swap places sometimes, but I still had a pretty good time with it.