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I was lucky enough to play this for a while at EGX Rezzed and had a wonderful time! The Bitsy Boutique is an absolutely brilliant, charming and creative device. Overall it's a delightful celebration of the Bitsy Community :)


this looks amazing!


Can I buy ? :D This is so cute

i posted the self-construction materials here (the software is also available on github) but actually pocket chips are no longer available so you'd have to do raspberry pi + screen + battery... if you're serious about paying me for an assembled one you could email me at ragzouken at gmail dot com but bear in mind the material costs are around £100 on their own

Might have to save the pennies then,  not electronics literate  enough to make it myself :3 Think this would be ace to own!

How can I run the software on raspberry PI?

I just have to put it in a micro SD memory or do I need something else?

it probably requires a little bit of troubleshooting but you have a raspberry pi setup with an operating system, make sure you have python 2.7 installed, and also pygame. from there you should be able to download the software and run in python