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This is a great game! : )

I still think about this game when I read the word Sublime, even Burke

I feel like I have ascended the mortal plane. I have become one with the sublime. I see all, feel all. With this work, I have achieved enlightenment. I am the sublime. All of us are one body, one mind. One soul. We are the sublime. 


Wow! That was ... sublime. :) A great little game!

I’m applauding but since you can’t hear it, I’ll just write it here.

Very nice

dang candle u went in on the visuals on this one

i haven't had a single nightmare in over 5 years. but when i was young, i had them all the time. why? because i aways imagined myself beating the nightmare afterwords and had learned how to wake up on my own as soon as a nightmare started. i basically destroyed my nightmares through sheer will and mind tricks. bring it on, chaos. do your worst.

"Sublime" is a word that sums up this whole project. I loved the imagery, especially the "cosmos" section. The music added so much to the atmosphere and the dialogue was so..thought-provoking. Perfect as always! <3

This game is like its name... Sublime <3

Loved this! Diddnt expect the lovecraftian / cosmic horror vibe it gave off towards the end but I went in totally blind. Great little experience.

It was fascinating to become part of this atmospheric spectacle. While it starts off fairly quietly, it soon becomes an almost ecstatic experience. It almost feels like the character is making a religious self-experience, striving for the cosmos as well as the chaos. That was just excellent and the usage of the different color palettes made it even more appealing. So I decided to recommend your game in our compilation article about this Bitsy Jam and add a minute of gameplay to the accompanying video. I am looking forward to your future games! <3

Best wishes,

omg this is.... this is..... so good and creepy and the music just unsettled me a lot with those visuals oh gosh wow just GOOD GOOD

the art is, well, sublime. is the the pure medium from which to draw the sublime?

a true poem and even an ode (elegy?) to thought, philosophy, and the destruction caused by perfection.

likely my favorite game on itch to this day.


i cant get out of the purple room

go to the right side of the cube

A short fantasy horror poem with jarring minimalistic imagery. Well jammed!


I love it

It went from "what the frick" to "Whoa. What the friiiiccckkk"


This is wonderfully, epically overblown madness. Cool.
The art is gorgeous, especially the god rays, and chaos, and, well, all of it really.

very cool!


I loved it, very powerful magic in here

The music you chose fits wonderfully! The protagonist's trail of thought is also very engaging.

making unsettling art in bitsy is tough but you have done it... some of those scenes made my skin crawl...

I feel like playing this right before bed would make me afraid to fall asleep, lest I dream that dream... I love this kind of existential horror take on creativity and art tho